I understand the struggles children face due to extensive technology access, peer pressure, and bullying. This might lead to Anxiety, Depression, Aggression, Self-Esteem issues or Self-Injury. When children are unable to express what is troubling them, I often utilize age-appropriate Play Therapy to promote effective communication. I believe in creating a safe environment free of judgment or criticism. Parents are included in the process because when the family improves, the child improves.



Do you feel like expectations are too high? Are you having a hard time keeping up with your school work or feeling the pressure of social media? Is communicating with your parents difficult? My clients say that they like coming to therapy because it’s a space to be free. They don’t have to pretend or lie. My task is to create that type of environment for every client.

Adolescents want to be accepted and independent, set their own path, however, they are still very much dependent on their parents at every level. They are vulnerable to social changes and they often struggle to fit in.

Parent, does your teenager run your household? Are your rules and consequences no longer efficient? At times, your child’s behavior gets too out of control to handle by yourself. An outside view can make the difference. I can help!