Life is about emotional ups and down. We cope with difficult feelings and experiences, sometimes reacting to stress and pressure in the moment without thinking things through. You may be facing tough decisions, decisions about ending destructive relationships or starting a relationship. You can take your time, work on yourself and I will help you make the right decision that works for you when the time is right. You can cherish and nurture yourselves and yes, even learn to love yourselves. In the therapy process, we can begin with positive affirmations. You can start to accept yourself, with all your faults, strong points, weak points, and everything else. You are right where you need to be.

My task is to provide accurate empathy in the “here and now” during each therapy session. I can help you and your family improve the ability to connect emotionally, setting healthy boundaries and accountability. I hope to support and help you develop effective coping mechanisms that work for you.